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Internet Crimes

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Internet Crimes Defense Lawyers

A mandatory minimum sentence, no probation, no early parole: That's what you could be looking at for allegedly looking at something you shouldn't have on your personal or work computer.

At Gover Perry & Shore, criminal defense lawyers serving central Pennsylvania for more than 20 years, we actively defend against the Internet crime charges you're facing. We're wise to sting operations organized by police, illegal searches and seizures, entrapment and anything about your arrest that could have violated your constitutional rights.

Our representation is marked by honesty, aggressiveness and client commitment. We're former prosecutors who know what makes prosecutors tick, and we know what strategies they are likely to use. We've handled more sex crime cases in central Pennsylvania than any other law firm.

Our immense trial experience in all types of cases ranging from DUI to death penalty matters, are just one feature of our strong criminal defense practice. We also have an in-house private investigator and access to a wide variety of Internet experts who may be able to provide credible testimony on your behalf. However, of all the strengths we are able to offer our clients, we are proudest that the vast majority of cases are referred to us by past clients and other lawyers.

Honest, Aggressive and Committed to Your Best Interests in Internet Crimes Defense

At Gover Perry & Shore, our attorneys are able to aggressively defend you against any type of internet crime, including:

  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Internet telemarketing and sales fraud
  • Computer hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Online prostitution
  • Promoting a computer virus

While representing you, we will do all we can to keep you "in the loop" regarding your case. We maintain 24/7 availability to you during all phases, right down to volunteering our cell phone numbers for your use around the clock. We return all messages promptly and keep meeting schedules and payment plans as flexible as possible.

Schedule your free initial consultation today. Tell us about the Internet crime charges you're facing so we can evaluate your case. 717.260.3546 or 717.773.4719.

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