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Possession of a Firearm During Drug Trafficking

Harrisburg Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys

Pennsylvania Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers Handling Cases Involving Possession of a Firearm

Recently, the prosecutors in Pennsylvania have taken an aggressive stance when it comes to punishing people in possession of firearms, specifically when guns are used during a drug trafficking transaction. There is a no tolerance policy, and the legislators have even gone so far as to impose a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in a state penitentiary for this offense.

At Gover Perry & Shore, we take an equally serious approach when it comes to handling drug trafficking cases where a weapon is used or in close proximity. We understand your liberty is at stake, and we make sure to exhaustively question and probe every piece of evidence.

If you are facing drug trafficking charges or are under investigation, do not talk to the police or prosecution before speaking with us. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers to see how we can help shape your case and your future.

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Our reputation, knowledge and experience is why we receive so many referrals for drug crime cases. We frequently represent people in both state and federal court and are familiar with the different rules regarding each venue.

When you retain our firm for your drug trafficking case, your attorney will explain the charges, prepare a strong defense and protect your rights. We know the stiff penalties that come with a conviction, which is why it is our priority to try and prevent that outcome. We know prosecutors want convictions, but part of our job is to make sure they act within the confines of the law and are not overzealous in trying to attain impressive conviction rates at the cost of justice.

We are here to represent you, your interests and your liberty. Contact our experienced drug trafficking defense attorneys at Gover Perry & Shore today. We are available 24/7 and offer free initial consultations at our Harrisburg and York offices.

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